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Quotes I had a foot that was hurting and decided I would try it. I hadn't given it much thought, foot wasn't hurting so I decided to take a walk with the younger ladies, we came up to this mountain and decided to climb it, well I was the first to get up there. After all pics were taken we came on down and headed back in. By the time the meeting was over I could tell I had really pushed my body's limits. I got back in the room and took the lotion and covered everywhere that hurt. I was so amazed, I don't know how much time past but I was feeling the relief from the pain. Usually the morning after overdoing it I can hardly move, but this morning was different, I believe anyone with chronic pain should try the Heavenly Hugs. I thank God for putting her in front of me. Quotes
Becky Ross
Satisfied Customer

Quotes My mom got me a bottle of the Heavenly Hugs lotion for Christmas - I absolutely LOVE it!! Works quickly on all my aches and pains - I will be a customer for life! God Bless! Quotes
Pam Elkins
Satisfied Customer!

Quotes Just wanted you to know that I'm placing my 2nd order with you because I'm really enjoying my first shipment. I have neropathy from being really bad sick for a couple of years. The Heavenly Hugs Lotion has already helped me....with the pain. The soap and facial scrub is a great. Keep up with what you do, please.....I'm a loyal customer who will be back....God Bless You... Quotes
Lana Griffin
Loyal Customer

Quotes What amazing products this is.I love how the lotions make your hands feel so soft ,and the smell is just wonderful love love the rose hand lotion .The body scrub is another one of my favorites .Thanks Udderly-Natural Quotes
Candy Rentz
Happy Customer!!!

Quotes This is the 2nd time I have used the Chicken Scratch scrub and this has helped me get rid of a bad headache and at the same time smoothing out wrinkles! I also used the Lip Balm under my eyes, neck at face, it is also having visible improvement. I will continue to keep a log! Quotes
Sharon Hamblett
Happy & Satisfied Customer

Quotes I am so in love with this product! I 've started to use the lip balm, facial / body scrub, and I love it. I have fibromyalgia ,and have had it especially bad in my left hand and wrist the last few months. I actually thought I must have broken a bone or something. I started using Heavenly Hugs lotion on my hand and wrist, after a few days it was much better . I cancelled my appointment with the orthopedic physician. I cant say enough about the product! Quotes
Roxanne Smith
Cancelled my Doctor's Appointment!

Quotes CAR ACCIDENT: OK for those who dont know we were in a little accident 12 days ago. We are ok considering what it could have been...Mainly neck/back pain. I just want to praise Udderly Natural for their Heavenly Hugs lotion OMGoodness!!! I've been bathing in that stuff and I am SOLD on it. I highly recommend it friends for your achey muscles/joints. THANK YOU Udderly Natural!!! Ordering more:) Quotes
Amanda May
Thank God for "Heavenly Hugs"

Quotes I had a great "lotion experience" this morning I gotta tell ya about! My hair sometimes gets static electricity really bad. This morning I just couldn't comb it it was so bad. I was getting really frustrated with it because I was getting ready to go somewhere and couldn't comb my hair. All of a sudden this thought came into my head " goat milk lotion". I went and got my lotion and rubbed a small into my hands really good then took my hands and scrunched my hair really good, went back to the bathroom and attempted to comb my hair and it combed perfectly! I thought "yea, hair problem solved, another one for the lotions!" > Quotes
Erma Martin

Quotes The Heavenly hugs pain cream is a God send I'm telling ya it is the ONLY thing that works with my fibro helps some with migraines and all over skin pain I haven't used anything else unless I run out n almost 4 years - Quotes
Kimberly Ross Propes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I first came across these products at a wedding shower and I was instantly HOOKED! I couldn't wait to put in an order for myself! Now I just have to wait to get my hands on my own sweet sweet goat's milk products. Thank you so much to Udderly Natural for making such wonderful natural products! Quotes
Excitedly Awaiting my Order!