Natural goat milk products from our farm to you

Inside our big Red Barn is a little shop that I call my own. Sometimes you'll find me hard at work on the goat milk products and sometimes you’ll find me there in prayer, the two really go hand in hand! My hubby and I began raising goats, along with our other farm animals and using their milk after meeting Jackie Brown, as I had been afflicted with fibromyalgia and had discovered that some of the things in my diet were making conditions worse and causing other physical problems. One of those was milk products. Goat’s milk was not the cure for my condition but it was certainly a help.

Because of the fibromyalgia and a broken hip I suffered in 2008, I was in a season of dealing with a lot of pain in my life. I did my best to work through the pain but some days it was just not possible. I will never forget the day in the barn as I shoveled poop, the pain was so intense I just couldn’t do it any more, I fell to my knees right there and cried out to Father God, the misery was more than I could stand, and I surrendered ALL, and asked the Lord to use me...on the ground of this barn,  I heard God tell me that my path was directed and all planned out. ‘Now you get up, Trust Me, and have Faith! 

I began to look more and more into healthier choices in my diet and products that contained more natural bases and less or no chemicals. As I continued to heal and deal with my ailments, the Lord laid on my heart to reach out to other women living with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. With this direction and much prayer Angel Hugs Ministry was born in July 2010. Without Angel Hugs Ministry, Udderly-Natural would not be in existence.


"Heavenly Hugs" is one of the first lotions created has essential oils from Biblical times, theraputic properties, and a pleasant aroma without that greasy feeling. Heavenly Hugs was initially intended for those that are going through the Amazing Journey of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness, however, we have found, those that suffer with skin sensitivity, muscle & joint aches, from the top of the head to the soles of the feet have found it to be wonderfully helpful, even for those that do not have chronic illness and need relief from minor muscle aches and pains of everyday activities! 

Our goat milk comes straight from our Does, all raised on our farms. Goat milk acts as a natural moisturizer without a greasy feel. We use majority of Essential oils for a soothing texture with a blissful aroma. My good friend, and Co-Heart Jackie Brown, makes the bar soap with each bar individually hand wrapped.

This is Gods' Business, and the Goat Milk Products are prayed over before each item is created...The rich look of our Amber, reminds us that we are Heirs to God's Kingdom, the Green remind us that God is the Creator of All things, the Purple reminds us that we are Royalty, and White reminds us of the Blood that Jesus shed for us, and we became as White as Snow upon salvation. 

An Amazing Journey is what this continues to be! When we surrender ALL to the Lord, he will take us places we would never dreamed! When he becomes the Lord of our Lives in every aspect and that willing vessel for his Glory, we can reach out to the entire world and proclaim the Gospel - God will use us right where we ARE! Have Faith, Trust & Believe and be obedient to the call...- I can't imagine living without God as he carries me through each day...it is the Relationship with Jesus that I Love..."For the Lord hath said; Never Will I Leave or Forsake Thee..." Hebrews 13:5

A percentage of the profits from Udderly-Natural go back into the Mission Ministries.

Be Blessed my Friends, Stand strong, as we await his Glorious return...

Ms. Nettie


Troup, Texas

"Natural Goat Milk Products from Our Farm to You..."